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As a previous Realtor I quickly became aware of the large technology gaps that the real estate community is experiencing.  I decided that the for sale sign in each yard did little to capture my attention.  Many times it just blended in visually and was virtually useless for advertising the home. I knew it needed to catch up with the times,

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Vibrantly Different Features

Epix ushers the real estate sign into the 21st century by providing vibrant, and dynamic alternatives to the traditional "for sale" sign. Our signs help fill the gap between traditional real estate approaches and the modern age of technology, providing a brighter future for everyone involved.

Bluetooth Connectivity & Mobile app

Easily access your leased Epix sign through the app and upload new info via bluetooth

Compliant with TREC Standards

Epix LED Signs complies with the TREC code for real estate advertising.

Elevate Realtor Marketing

Gain a competitive edge on your competition by showcasing your property and realtor information.

QR Code Integration

Use QR code technology to allow potential buyers to access the information they need to take the next step.

The 25" x 19" LED panel display brightens your message

Increase visibility of sale and leasing messages, as well as realtor marketing! By catching the eye of passers by during the day and night, your message's impact increases.

Easily update your listing with the app

Really, it's that easy!

Using the app to connect to your sign via Bluetooth, updating showcase information has never been easier. Showcase the interior and backyard of a home before a potential buyer ever steps foot inside the property.

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We are always hard at work, constantly improving our technology to present more features and capabilities to the industry. If you would like more information about our signs, please fill out our form, so that we can explore options together.


Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing & Let it Shine.